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So, you are in love with Italy, eh?


Let me briefly introduce you to this site, a place where you can learn the Italian language, celebrate all things Italian and, why not, meet like-minded people.

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How to learn some Italian using iTunes

Learn Italian using iTunes

Some people learn best if they listen to others. When others explain things to them, rather than having to read or write or memorise. Lectures, documentaries, explanations, YouTube videos and music are some of those examples when someone does the talking and you do the learning.

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Explain to me the difference between arrivederci and arrivederla?


Arrivederci and arrivederla...I know that many of you find that these two words cause a little bit of confusion. As always, let's break things up a little to make them more digestible.

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Buongiorno or buona giornata?

Buongiorno or Buona giornata

If you heard the expression, buona giornata, you might wonder why buongiorno wasn’t used instead. Here is the difference in 3 clear points:

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